My Teaching Philosophy


Lindsay strives to create a safe learning environment.  She understands that not everyone has a safe place in their life and she wants her classroom to provide just that.  She aims to create a community that encourages growth however each individual may need. She is a very organized and detail oriented person - especially when it comes to her lesson plans.  However, she will tailor her lessons to the needs of the students on the particular day or in the moment based on who they are. It’s important for her to see her students as individuals because every person has different learning styles.


Lindsay’s driving factors include her passion and love for theatre (and music) as she has tried to learn as much as she could about them for the majority of her life.  Another big part of what drives her is understanding that she didn’t get everything she wanted out of her education and because of that, she uses it to fuel her desire to give students everything she didn’t receive.


All in all, she hopes students gain a safe place, self discovery, and a community in her classroom.  She recognizes that the idea of “success” comes in many shapes and sizes.