My Bio!

Lindsay Earnhardt .jpg

   I am currently an Austin based Teaching and Performance Artist.  I grew up in Fredericksburg, VA where I tried to like sports but found that my passion is theatre and music.  I discovered my love for theatre and music at a young age, therefore, I decided that I wanted to turn my passion into a career.  I packed up for college in DC, traveled to London to study Acting and Shakespeare, and returned to DC to finish my Bachelor of Music with a concentration in Musical Theatre.  I recently finished my Master of Arts in Theatre Education and received my teaching license with Emerson College.

     Due to the fact that I began my career as a performer I realized that the more skills I had, the more valuable I was in the industry, so I always picked up skills to add to my toolbox.  Now I teach, direct, and perform.  My goal is to create more meaningful art in a safe space.  I want to help build and contribute to communities that are all working towards that same goal. My work aims to aid others in self discovery, ensemble building, and to question ones societal beliefs between what is right and wrong.

I owe everything to my family and the amazing teachers who have inspired me to strive for where I am today.